Camping gadgets the ones that you definitely need for your trip

Who does not like trips? Well, I certainly love them! But I am not into those hasty trips where you go without anything and get lost in everything. I am rather a fan of adventure, but with a little bit of preparation. You might think that it is boring, but actually it is not. I am continue reading….

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5 thoughts on “Camping gadgets the ones that you definitely need for your trip

  1. When I have to think about my solo hiking in Italy (it was supposed to be about 120 days and 3500 km, I had to stop “just” after 52 days and 1550 km because of injury problems) I had to think about many things, safety first…and it was an endless job.
    At the end, a part from clothes and sleeping bag, madras, tent and backpack, I had with me:
    – gps device
    – spot-me gps device (sending a signal every 15 minuets and with the possibility of sending SOS signal by gps signal with 100% accuracy of the position + “I’m ok” message to family in case of not mobile signal)
    – survival knife (never used, but you never know)
    – first aid box
    – alternative complete food mix-bags
    – powerbank 26000 mah

    this was fine for me, but I was in Italy, in the wild yes but still not in the middle of nowhere. I think mostly depends what you have to be prepared for.

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